Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Hoosiers have arrived!

So the IN Augs arrived very late Friday night. Sunday B blessed baby N at our house. It was a beautiful blessing and it was so nice to see all the extended crew. We are so happy to have their family here! Soph loves hugging Viv, but she won't turn her face toward the camera!
M and his bottle...their good friends!

So loves her pretty reflection in the coffee table. So and Kay are three weeks apart and I think they could pass for twins (almost). They have the same lower face?

Tys likes holding N. He is a good little babysitter in training.

This kiss is the most affectionate So and Kay have been. Most of the time Kay is shoving So as hard as she can or hitting her in the head with toys. Poor So! Kay is going through a bully phase which must end quickly! Also, this was the closest we could get to a pic with all the grandkids in it. Viv wouldn't sit on the couch and M wouldn't stop screaming. You trying getting seven tired kids to smile at the same time!

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staceyk said...

Ha ha they are good friends that need to part ways!