Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Initially, I hate initalisms.

Initalisms, or acronyms. Blah. LOL, LMAO, OMG, and my least favorite, WTF. Why can't we as Americans quite playing to the lazy stereotype and defend our own language?! If you're going to swear, have the guts to really swear. And type it out for pity's sake! If I have to hear/see your less than eloquent way of speaking/typing, then do it for real. Acronyms are a cop out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 Red Rock Relay

September 10 and 11, Trent ran with a team from work in the Red Rock Relay.Red Rock goes from Brian Head to St. George, 186 miles, from snow to sun. Each team runs 36 legs divided among 12 runners.
12 people, but two vans. He had a blast! He didn't sleep all weekend and ran more than 18 miles. They timed really well, especially considering that for most of the team this was their first really big race.
Their team name this year was the "How did we get into this mess?" Appropriate. Next year they are considering "Do these shorts make my butt look FAST?" Also appropriate.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of the Rest of Your Life....

My baby started her formal education today.
This is her carpooling buddy, Miss Lucy. They were holding hands all through class. It's nice to have a friend in a new situation.
Mrs. R is the best! We love her to bits!
Instead of school t-shirts, the PTA at our elementary school decided to do "Spirit Sleeves." Tyson has been bothering me since school started to buy some, but I kept forgetting cash.
Who knew the world end if Tyson didn't get leg warmers for his arms?I know they don't look thrilled in the pic, but the sun is in their eyes. They spent a good half an hour after school figuring out how many different ways you can wear spirit sleeves. I have to admit, as funny as these things are: no funky kid sizes, inexpensive, and the kids love them. Spirit sleeves are brillant! Any bets on how long before they each lose one half of their pair?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School (2010 Edition)

And we're back! Tyson started third grade last week! He was very nervous about it this year because there are two Mrs. D's that teach third. He was afraid he would have the more strict Mrs. D. He doesn't, and he loves his new teacher, mostly because she bribes them with candy and she has an old porcelain bathtub in her classroom filled with pillows for reading time.
When we attended the Teacher Meet & Greet, he told Mrs. D all about how happy he was that he was in the "good" Mrs. D's class and not the "bad" Mrs. D's class. Mom's face was all kinds of red. Way to make that first impression Tys!
Cameron started Kindergarten today! He had a meeting with his new teacher, Mrs. T, last week, but they are old friends from when Tyson was in her class. He wasn't one bit nervous, just excited to get going, probably because he is so familiar with Mrs. T and her classroom. He asked every day, "How many more days until I start?" "I'm going to make lots of new buddies." "Mrs. T likes me already because she likes Tyson and we have an awesome family."
He could hardly wait to get going this morning. Tyson was so excited to play the big brother role and show him where to go. After a quick pic with CR the Cougar and C, who carpools with us, and shaking hands with Mr. B the principal, they walked to the door with their arms around each other!