Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cheerio, Trent, Old Chap! Pip, pip!

Trent has been working for the same company for nearly ten years. They make construction/insurance software. So, if your house burns down they have different softwares that can do anything from helping your contractor determine how many nails and sheets of drywall it will take to rebuild, to helping your insurance adjustor determine what your house was worth.
He started in the pricing department as a researcher, then did a stint in the training department about four years ago flying all over the US and Canada training client contractors and insurance adjustors on how to use their products. I went with him once and was amazed at how good he was. He knows his stuff, to be sure.
After a year in training, his old boss asked him to come back to pricing and start up the contents side (now they have a product that will tell you what the stuff inside your house is worth), then he became an ITV analyst. Don't ask me what that means. Something to do with spread sheets, and clients, and construction.
Anyway, a few weeks ago his boss asked Trent to apply for two new positions that were coming up. Either would have been great for Trent.
I have to stop here and tell you how great Trent's boss is. He has been very lucky to have several bosses at this company, all of whom have cared about their employees and want the best for them, in addition to what is best for the company.
After an hour long interview for the International Coordinator position last Thursday, and another hour long interview for the team lead on Friday, Trent felt good about both meetings, but didn't know which way the chips would fall.
Monday, his boss told him he was chosen for the International Coordinator position, and they announced it to the company yesterday. He will get to travel to London in a few weeks. It is a brand new position for the company, so he is back to creating his own position again (just like contents!). He will get to work with clients in Europe and travel, but still stay with the wonderful people he works with now in the pricing department.
We have been extremely blessed. I'm so grateful Trent is one of the good ones. He is smart, a hard worker, generous and sweet. He would do anything for his family, and I couldn't ask for a better best friend and partner.
Give him a pat on the back. He has earned it to be sure, and we are SO proud of him.