Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad Hair Day Revisited

I looked a little more online this morning before Kaylee woke up. I had a suspicion that the current oily state of her hair was more from the baby oil and less from the Aquaphor. So I dug around in my cupboards until I found some body wash without any moisturizer or conditioner added, and gave it a try. One washing with the body wash, one with her normal shampoo, and her hair is pretty much back to normal! YAY! She won't have to wear a hat to church on Sunday after all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bad Hair Day just doesn't do it Justice...

Kay has a nasty obsession with girlie things. She gets into my make up. She loves lotion. She even sits still and plays with the bottles on the bathroom counter like dolls, while I spend forever doing her hair. She loves clothes, and changing her clothes...often. I don't know where she get this girlie streak. Obviously, not from her mother. She looks so innocent. Don't be fooled. Kay knows there are some bottles, like lotion and soap, that you put on your hands, and some bottles, like hair gel, that go in your hair. This is where Kay's understanding of bottles gets...messy.
This morning, Kaylee confused Aquaphor with hair gel. A lot of Aquaphor. Yes, she did do this before with Vaseline. And lotion, several times with the lotion. After four shampoo-ings this morning, a good bout of research this evening, a treatment of baby oil (this was the remedy they said to try online), and another two shampoo-ings, these are the fabulous results. Nope. Her hair is dry. It only looks wet because it now contains Aquaphor and baby oil.
Actually, it's a big improvement over just the Aquaphor. I guess we'll try the egg remedy in the morning.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Backyard (Almost) Done and Jensen Family Reunion

This is my view from my bedroom! No longer dirt and rocks, but grass and plants and trees! However, we have one fly in the ointment. They just dug the two lots behind us and there is a little dispute as to where the property lines are. The developer has one set of measurements, we used the measurements the county has recorded.... The pink stakes are the developers markers, the orange peg in the ground is ours. Do you see the pink over spray on my fire pit!!! It will all get resolved tomorrow morning, so we'll see what happens.
Still no railing on the deck, but all the plants are in and my favorite is turning out to be the fountain grass we bought on a whim. Someday we will cover the foundation posts with rock.
This is the current project. A retaining wall to keep the mulch in the planter since we had to move the trees in. Yes, we've been dealing with this property line garbage in one form or another for a year now. The landscaper who put in the yards on both sides of our backyard didn't exactly do his due diligence when it came to the property lines. We assumed he had until we were trying to measure our back line out and couldn't get anything to line up. So, we had to move trees and mulch on both sides, just in case somewhere down the line we put a fence in. But now we will have a nice retaining/seating wall by the fire pit.
Fire pit is in and getting sufficient use. Can you say s'mores with peanut butter cups?
Our little garden is in. Lots of strawberries and peppers; cukes, tomatoes, and zucchinis on the way. Kay loves picking the strawberries.
Water fountain in! Trent wanted to do a great big water feature that involved drilling a hole in a rock, which I admit would have been pretty. He compromised with me and we picked up this pot on sale earlier in the summer. It was really windy tonight! That's why the water is off to the side.
Planters mulched, plants in, trees relocated!
We are loving having grass this year and being almost to the stage where all we have to do it mow and weed. So close! There are before pics in my blog archive from June and March 2009 if you want to see the difference. Can't wait until those lots behind us are landscaped too!
Jensen Family Reunion was last month. We had a great time with all the cousins and their kids. It's so fun to get all together and we don't do it nearly enough considering how close most of us live to each other.
Trent rented canoes from the local university and they were a total hit!
They caught two fish and Tys passed off a ton of cub scout stuff! I got sunburned on my shins (who does that?!). Everyone had a blast.