Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bad Hair Day just doesn't do it Justice...

Kay has a nasty obsession with girlie things. She gets into my make up. She loves lotion. She even sits still and plays with the bottles on the bathroom counter like dolls, while I spend forever doing her hair. She loves clothes, and changing her clothes...often. I don't know where she get this girlie streak. Obviously, not from her mother. She looks so innocent. Don't be fooled. Kay knows there are some bottles, like lotion and soap, that you put on your hands, and some bottles, like hair gel, that go in your hair. This is where Kay's understanding of bottles gets...messy.
This morning, Kaylee confused Aquaphor with hair gel. A lot of Aquaphor. Yes, she did do this before with Vaseline. And lotion, several times with the lotion. After four shampoo-ings this morning, a good bout of research this evening, a treatment of baby oil (this was the remedy they said to try online), and another two shampoo-ings, these are the fabulous results. Nope. Her hair is dry. It only looks wet because it now contains Aquaphor and baby oil.
Actually, it's a big improvement over just the Aquaphor. I guess we'll try the egg remedy in the morning.

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The Collard Clan said...

knock on wood - but I haven't had this problem yet. My kids are just the opposite and HATE having their done. They would go all day with Bed head if I let them....and some days...I do. :-)