Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School!

Ty started first grade today! He had a great day learning about school lunch and recess on the "big" kid playground. He is already bored because they have to spend the first little while reviewing last year, but I think he will like it eventually. We did have one small terrifying expericence this afternoon when I went to pick him up...he never came out. After about 45 minutes the principal decided it would be appropriate to look in the other first grade classrooms (I was ready to kill these people; my baby was lost and they were nearly zero help). Finally, trying not to be hysterical, I said I was going to drive home and see if he had gone home with a neighbor. He was dragging himself up the hill. I'm sobbing and all he can think about is that he is hot and he wants a drink!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What do you mean summer is OVER?

So we are gearing up and getting ready to go back to school. We went school shopping with Grandma C on Friday after a final summer romp at the Children's Garden Fountain at TP (the kids are tired of setting up the pool in the driveway because of our lack of grass at the new house. However, this will soon be remedied as we are putting in the front yard right now). T met his teacher,
Mrs. H, Friday morning and is excited that some of the kids from last year will be in his class again. C is still refusing to use the bathroom despite the fact that he is starting preschool in soon. So I guess that means I will continue to drag him kicking and screaming to the bathroom every two hours until he gives up and stops telling me that he can't go on the toilet because he is, "just a little boy, not a big boy." K has discovered that she can go up stairs! This of course preceeds the realization that eventually she will have to come back down the stairs (please refer to January 31, when she fell down the stairs with Mom and broke her femur).