Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Update 2011

2011 has been an exciting year for us!


Turned four in August.

Got a frenectomy over the summer: she can talk now!

Still lives for her ballet class each week.

Can't get enough princesses or fairies or her friends and cousins.


Will turn seven in January.

Has become a math whiz, asking about and understanding multiplication and division.

Still loves to just play and have adventures, and is all boy all the time.

Has become a great reader. Can't get enough Fly Guy and Magic Tree House.


Turned ten in November.

Loves to be with his friends or go to any kind of sporting event with Dad.

Has turned into a book lover! Always has to bring a book along.

Loves flag football, tennis, and basketball with his friends.


Call him Councilman! Elected to our City Council in November, which means no more HOA and no more planning commission.

Still loves to build and design beautiful furniture for his wife. Just finished a new hutch for our kitchen and has plans for built in cabinets in our loft/office (some day soon). Has been blessed with many side jobs, basements. He does beautiful work and we're so proud of him!

Still plugging away at Xactware, but now as the International Coordinator, so he's gotten to visit London and Amsterdam a few times this year.


Loving being at home and watching the kids grow way too fast.

Freelance writing for local paper, just one or two articles a week covering a neighboring city.

Staying busy with Primary Presidency and feeling blessed to have such wonderful ladies to work with.

We have been blessed with the best family, friends, and neighbors, and are so grateful for the abundance of blessings we enjoy.

May you feel the real Reason for the Season in your life.


The Augustus'