Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flood Divorce Disaster Memories

I was thrilled to wake up to an actual accumulation of snow today! After our less than impressive "blizzard" a few weeks ago, and several days of rain, it has been feeling more like spring and less like December. But today we have sparkly white covering our brown lawn, and Christmas is almost here!

The storm caused havoc down in Southern Utah were the Santa Clara and Virgin Rivers are expected to flood again, bringing back a host of memories for our family.

Nearly six years ago, during the second week in January, we watched four days of non-stop news coverage while we were in the hospital having Cam. We were horrified to see the banks erode away and home after home plunge into the river. I was especially worried because we had just bought the lot for our first home which sat at the top of a ridge overlooking the runoff from AF Canyon. What if that ever flooded? Would our neighborhood fall? Not likely. We're not even considered in a flood plain. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their divorce that week. Yep. That's what I remember.

When Kay was born, we watched four days of the Crandall Canyon mine disaster, hoping and praying that the miners would somehow be freed. The nurses would come in to my room and ask for updates on the miners. Sadly, all of the men remain entombed.
I don't remember what was happening in the world when Tyson was born. It was Thanksgiving, we were in the hospital for seven days because I contracted a uterine infection after my emergency c-section. I basically slept through most of it. I do remember my family bringing us Thanksgiving dinner, because they are awesome like that!