Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Fishes

I know, I stink at blogging. I've been busy!

Long overdue pics from swimming lessons in July. Kaylee is in the red. Really, this is two classes, there were only five, usually four, kids in her class. Her favorite thing was putting her face in the water and looking around. Cam the Man in the center. Loved swimming lessons! Is an excellent back floater!

Kaylee's teacher was adorable. After class the first day, she came up and asked if she could bring Kaylee a treat the next day because she was the only kid that would follow instructions! This is sort of unfair for the other kids in the class because Kaylee had already had a year of preschool and dance classes. She knows how the teacher system works. But if she's going to be teacher's pet and all that, I guess a little reward is okay!
Tyson did great, passed off everything and is getting to be a better swimmer each time we go.

He mostly loves doing cannonballs!

Yeah, I know my little fishes are cute.