Friday, February 26, 2010

Tender Mercies...

I'm thrilled, jumping out of my chair, hoping up and down, and yes, even doing the happy dance. Maybe I'm being a bit premature, but it's possible...probable even...Kaylee might be....POTTY TRAINED!
After all the suffering (and I mean the long, drawn out, months on end kind of messy, disgusting suffering that can come with potty training a boy), Miss Kay was pretty darn easy. The first week I did the pull up thing. (Insert annoying "You are WRONG!" buzzer sound here). The pull ups gave her a terrible scabby rash on her back. So, I sucked it up and we went cold turkey. She's had a few accidents (I thought for sure she would be a stickler on the whole #2 thing). She's even had episodes of begging for her diapers, but yesterday we spent four hours at the Dinosaur museum and she stayed dry! She got up this morning and happily did her thing! She yells/mumbles, "Mommy I go to potty!" every time she needs to use the facilities. I am in bliss....
Especially since yesterday stunk. I don't know why. Nothing totally terrible happened. I was just crabby and crying all day yesterday. It's nice after a day of wallowing in your own self pity and loathing to wake up and realize, "Hey Dim One! You have a wonderful family, remarkable friends and neighbors, a spectacular husband and brilliant children. You live in a nice neighborhood in a gorgeous house your beloved built just for you! You're Heavenly Father loves you and blesses you!
Suck it up and BE HAPPY!"
I think I will....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What to do?

I registered Cameron for kindergarten yesterday and Kaylee for preschool. All my kids will be in some kind of school next year.... What will I do if Cam and Kay are in school at the same time (this is very unlikely, but possible)? I'll have two whole hours to myself twice a week! The possibilities......

Friday, February 5, 2010

Back Splash Rant!

I am so excited to show you all how wonderful and beautiful the back splash turned out..... But I can't. It's not done, and it won't be done for probably three weeks.
Trent has been anticipating a big cabinet job for a bakery down in Provo that is expanding to a location in Draper. We are super excited about it! However, the day Trent was going to pick up all their materials they called and said they had to get a few more bids to please their investors. Trent told them they wouldn't find anyone cheaper. (Big commerical cabinet shop = employees, building rent, advertising, tools, utilities, etc.....EXPENSIVE. Two guys building cabinets out of my garage...hardly any overhead....CHEAPER! Probably almost half as much if I go off of our experience with the cabinets in our house. Trent didn't have time then to build all our cabinets, so we hired a commercial shop.... Let's just say more expensive doesn't always mean better quality, it just means more money. Plus, when I say two guys building cabinets...I mean two perfectionists.) They thought they would have 35-40 days to build these cabinets, now they are down to just two weeks (insert image of Trent disappearing behind garage door in slow mo, loud vault-like sound bangs followed by a whooshing noise as door shuts and seals).
On the upside, I got over being wishy washy and decided on a color for grout. Thanks for all the suggestions and votes. I spent probably three hours looking at back splash photos on the Internet, trying to decide what to do. Then I went over to my cute friend's house and inspected her back splash. Hers is a little different than ours, but still close to the same stone tile and so, so pretty. If we just had done the limestone tile without the glass insets, I would totally agree with the vast majority of votes and gone Mocha, but since I love the glass insets and want them to pop, we picked a color a little darker than the Biscuit color. It's pretty much the same shade as the tile, a titch darker, but isn't white and won't look dirty all the time.
I have to say, I am very lucky to have such good friends with such immaculate taste. Thanks girls!