Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 Red Rock Relay

September 10 and 11, Trent ran with a team from work in the Red Rock Relay.Red Rock goes from Brian Head to St. George, 186 miles, from snow to sun. Each team runs 36 legs divided among 12 runners.
12 people, but two vans. He had a blast! He didn't sleep all weekend and ran more than 18 miles. They timed really well, especially considering that for most of the team this was their first really big race.
Their team name this year was the "How did we get into this mess?" Appropriate. Next year they are considering "Do these shorts make my butt look FAST?" Also appropriate.


Shannon Martin said...

They must have had fun if they are going to do it again! Tell Trent Congrats! Dan was telling me this morning about a race in Heber I believe called the Dirty Dash, anyways sounds like you get a team of 10 together and there are dirty obstacles that you have to do during it. So gross, but sounds fun.

Roseanne said...

NICE! That's so awesome that he did that! Tell Trent Congrats!
We miss you guys tons too! Thanks Aimee!

Zach and Caitlin said...

That does sound fun. Tell Trent good job.

adamnkara said...

That sounds like an awesome Relay to run. How fun!!! Tell Trent awesome job and congrats from the Jens fam.