Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you haven't been to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point lately, you should definitely pack up the kids and head to Lehi! Before K was born, we had a family pass. Now I agree that shelling out $175 right now doesn't sound fun, but trust me, it's worth it. Just going to the Dinosaur Museum alone, you would make back your money after just three or four times (for a family of four), but you throw in the Children's Gardens, Farm Country, the ice cream parlor, the big Gardens, plus everyone who comes with you gets half off, and you get lots of discounts for events at Thanksgiving Point! When T was travelling for work, we went at least once a week. We spent our winters at the Museum and our summers at the fountain in the Children's Garden. Our pass expired about a week after K was born and while we've been to Farm Country a few times since (it's always fun to go in the spring and see the baby animals), we haven't really done a whole lot there lately. Well, last Friday we went with my crew (except J, who had to work. We missed you!). Now I totally have the itch to get another pass! Guess what our tax return is going toward?!Yes, this was the best picture I could get with all three of my kids in it...you know how it goes.
Grandpa and K
K and Ty chillin' with the fossils at the palentology lab.
C's best dinosaur impression!
If you are a regular to the Dino Museum, you know this is the place to be: the erosion table. We could spend hours here (and we have!). C begins his time here by collecting all the little plastic dinosaurs he can find. He thinks they are his and he has no intentions of sharing. Then, he buries them in a dam and makes a mini lake. K just likes to squish her fingers in the sand and then throw it back into the table. Ty is more goal oriented. He likes to make dams and lakes and then cause massive destruction (on a small scale) when the dams get (who knows how these things happen) destroyed. Educational and fun, what more could you want?

K, T, and Dino. Can you say "gallimimus?"

I know what you're thinking...fossil dig, right? Wrong! This is where we make sand angels, bury ourselves, and dump sand down our sister's diaper! Silly! In my (humble, totally!) opinion, the TGP pass is the way to go. We've had passes to the Children's Museum in SLC, the zoo, and the aquarium, but you honestly get more than you pay for at Thanksgiving Point (the aquarium comes in a very close second though). And! Free parking! And no, TGP is not paying me for my endorsement, though I wouldn't mind if they did....

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Mama Cat said...

We like this museum, too, although we've never been w/Catherine (she's only been to Farm Country there). Mark and I went for one of his birthdays--29th, maybe?--and he spent forever at the erosion table. I mostly watched, with the "other" parents, and they gave me sympathetic looks. He had a blast. Someday, maybe we'll get to take actual kids there!