Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is here, Spring is here!

So a month an a half ago, I saw this really cute project in a mag: Make melting snowmen snacks to celebrate Spring! Good idea! And super easy. Of course this was a while ago, and I threw away the magazine (I think it was in Family Fun, but I checked their site and can't find the article anywhere). So today we improvised!

I cut a marshmellow in half and dipped it in white chocolate to coat the bottom, then placed it on wax paper. Then the kids spooned more white chocolate on top of it to cover the whole thing (and then some) like a puddle. Pretzel sticks for arms, mini chocolate chips for eyes, Runts bananas cut in half for carrot noses, and M&M minis for the buttons, plus, my fav, if you take a melting chocolate chip (the big flat kind) and glue (with more chocolate) an upside-down Rolo to it: perfect top hat! So the kids decorated a bunch and took them to some of their friends. Really fun! And perfect for this lovely Spring day when it looks so nice outside and is actually completely fridged!

And yes, I should have a pic to post, but I forgot to take one. The kids ate their melted snowmen up too fast!


Brian and Alicia said...

That sounds so good. I can't wait till I can start making treats like this for Bryten!

adamnkara said...

Sounds way good. I think they actually made those a while ago on good things Utah. And I thought it looked like allot of fun to do with your kids, so I'm sure they loved it!!

mari_contrary said...

How cute! You are the cutest mom, I'm just taking notes on everything you do so I can be cool too when my kids are older. :) Love you guys!

Amy said...

I'm so sad we're not neighbors anymore because that sounds like a treat we would love to eat:) How about shipping some up to Kaysville,lol!

Candee Robinson said...


This sounds like great fun. What a cute idea.


Jed and Leona said...

too bad it snowed again! you can make snow ice cream now and then once the snow melts you can make melting snowmen again! i'll be so glad when the weather chooses a season!!!