Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kara's GTU Appearance

So if you missed it: Kara was so cute on TV this morning. Very cute dress. Very cute girl! Here is what they said in her segment:

Outfits for Under $50 From South Towne Center

A few weeks ago, we selected three winners for an affordable clothing makeover with Alicia Richmond. The winners headed out to three stores in the South Towne shopping center and were triumphant.

On the Winners

Kara: She is a young mom that wanted to look stylish when she gets dressed up. Kara has not owned a dress in a long time (I think this is a typo; on the show they said she didn't have a dress she really loved. Which is silly because everytime I've seen her she looks really cute!) and wanted to find a feminine but flattering look. Alicia took Kara to Down East Basics and they found a dress with accessories.

Down East Basics High Tide Dress: $29.99, Cami: $ 9.99, Total: $39.98

I wish I had a pic of how sweet she looked! I think we should all spam her with email until she posts one on her own blog!


adamnkara said...

Oh you are too sweet!!! I was a nervous wreck. I forgot my camera so I didn't even get a pic with the gals. I watched myself on t-vo and I loved the dress in person, but I thought that it my my hips look HUGE on Oh well, it was a blast anyway!! And I got a new dress out of it. And yes, I told Alicia that I didn't own a good dress.(I only had a maternity dress)

Aim Aug said...

Gotcha. You DID NOT look hippy. Do you have a wide screen? On ours I have to change it to normal view when some stuff is on because it makes everyone look...well, wider. :) You, however, looked great!

AA said...

I totally saw that episode. Very cute! -April