Tuesday, March 31, 2009

K's Purple Sequined Purse

Yes, her dress does match the background! How nice of you to notice!

K's aunt made this for her awhile ago, but it's been a bit too big for her until now. It's called a forever dress because your child can literally wear it forever. It is a dress now, but in a year it could be worn over jeans. Love it! Check out her Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6428431

Are you familiar with the witty and wonderful style-ings of Kevin Henkes? We love his books! Lilly has a purple plastic purse. K has a purple sequined purse. Grandma C gave it to her and she is obsessed with it. She carries it around the house and puts things inside it; her own little treasure chest. This would include my cell phone, which, as all parents know, is a toy no toddler can resist. Usually I keep it in my pocket, but perchance I set it down somewhere, sooner or later I find it in K's purse. Of course, this is after an exhaustive search of the house....


Courtney Haynie Smith said...

I dig her dress! Sometimes I think I want just boys, but then I see cute girl clothes like that and I want to have a girl! I love it and she is SO cute!

Candee Robinson said...

I am so glad that she likes her purse. I was afraid that she might pull it apart.