Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The ABC's of America

Ty's school program "The ABC's of America" was last Thursday! It was a patriotic spectacular with all seven classes in his grade.
At one point near the end of the program, Ty decided to start counting how many boys were around him. Whatever passes the time, eh?

Ty loves to sing. Even with all those kids, we could still hear him loud and clear. He is very enthusiastic!
Ty and his teacher, Mrs. H!


AA said...

Ok, 7 classes in the same grade?! Wow. In my elementary school there were only 2. Can we say over crowded?! Oh, and how does you blog background look like K's dress?? Very cool. -April

Crystal said...

I was thinking the same thing. Seven classes in the same grade. Wow!

Brian and Alicia said...

How do you even keep track of all those kids? Amazing! That must have been hilarious when he started counting the boys. Somtimes it can get long and tedious standing up there. :)