Friday, February 27, 2009

Newest Daredevil Trick

So, we've decided this is her evil laugh face. She throws her head back and gives a good little shriek! It's like she thinking, "Hey, I wonder how high I could climb up in here?" Yes,we knew she could climb onto just about anything, but getting the door open on her own is a new talent I was personally hoping to discourage for awhile.
I also enjoying having to sweep cereal and cracker crumbs
out of the pantry several times a day (can you tell I'm being sarcastic!?).

"Banana? Why would I want a banana? I can get disgusting, sugary cereal all by myself, anytime I feel like it! I know, I know...I'm awesome!"
Also, please note: This is the infamous pantry which T put off finishing for nearly a year if you count construction and after we moved in. Note the beautiful paint job and the perfectly sanded shelves. Totally worth waiting for!


Amy said...

I thought little boys were the only ones to cause such mischief? Cute pics!

staceyk said...

Ha ha I love the pic with her hand in the co co box. she is gona beable to hold her own when her brothers go out to do guy stuff and she go's along

Julia Callahan said...

Your little girl is so cute. I'm sure even if she crushed all of the cereal everyday you'd still love her to death and kiss her after her evil laugh and smiling face. So cute! (It didn't look like they were jumping off the bench, it looked like the stage).

Allie said...

AHHHHH! Yay! I found you had a blog! I have one, but it's private, if you want to see it email me:
It's so good to see pics of you guys, it's been way too long!