Sunday, November 22, 2009

Werewolves and Vampires, Oh My.....

I went and saw New Moon with some beautiful friends yesterday. It was good. I was shocked because the first movie was so
....low budget.
Is that a good enough reason to not like a movie? Blame my dad. I always spend the whole movie admiring or disapproving of camera angles and watching for bad continuity. This is what comes from growing up with parents in the AV industry. I remember having dinner conversations about editing mistakes and continuity errors in movies when we were younger.
I actually liked this movie better than the book, though I feel slightly ashamed as a former English Lit. major to admit that. OH! Is it sacrilege to admit I didn't like a Twilight book? Sorry, I hated the second one. The whole reading I had this overwhelming desire to drive Arizona and give Stephanie Meyers a good swift kick. Seriously, how long does it take to describe a whiny, selfish, love sick teenager? I like how the movie did it: two minute montage. However, they flashed the months of the year up on the screen so you know for sure that time is passing. Please! Viewers are not that dumb. We can see the leaves changing and the snow falling outside the window. You don't have to spell it out....literally.
Plus, if you haven't read the books...they don't explain anything. Like why these werewolves walk around shirtless all the time. Loss of wardrobe is an occupational hazard when you are exploding out of your clothes every time you change into a wolf.
The best part of the movie was the audience. Every time the male leads would walk in (shirtless or not, but I think the many pec-counting opportunities didn't hurt) half the crowd would let out uncontrollable squeals and screams. The other half of the audience would giggle at the first half. It made the movie! Go see it in the theater; the audience is hilarious!


debs said...

I am so glad there is one other person in the world that agrees with me about Bella's whiny personality. I only read the first book in the series because I don't like her character. The movie changes her personality, but I still don't like her much. Not sure if I will see the second movie.

Heats said...

I am glad we went to that movie! I really liked it too. I agree also about putting the months on the screen. Silly. (Thanks for the cute candy bar!)

The Collard Clan said...

That would be the ONLY reason why I would go to watch that movie. I'm not a fan of the twilight series. I read the first book - tried to read the second but couldn't force myself to finish it....BBBLLLAAAAAHHH! To whinny and sappy for me.

janabigelow said...

I actually liked the movie better too! And I think they should have picked a different character to play Bella all together.
On another note, I cannot believe how big your kids are getting! Cute family!