Friday, November 6, 2009

K's First Haircut

K has been sporting a mullet for way too long. About half way through September, I'd had enough. The poor girl has inherited my thin hair, so it statics up if you look at her wrong...not a good look with a mini mullet. I asked Aunt Lissa to chop it all off (I am crossing my fingers that it will grow back more evenly and not so thin....fat chance!). K was pretty good about the whole thing, if not a little wiggly.
Loved the sucker. Best trick in the world.
Final result: cute little bob, however a month and a half later....I think we need to do it again! Sorry Lissa!


Julia Callahan said...

Cute little girl, nice haircut. You look great also!
Looks like you had a fun and busy halloween. Cool ghost brownies. I need to get more "into" holiday's. I don't do ANYTHING special or "fun". Ahh.

Brian and Alicia said...

She looks so cute and grownup! Love the cut!!

Paul, Cammie Jo, and Raegan said...

What a cutie!! Haircuts on toddlers can always be a little adventurous!! I think Cameron's Indiana Jones Costume is so cute! Love it!