Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween...Round one?

Are you still scared from Halloween? It's over, we can all calm down now...oh wait, Christmas is coming (insert ear piecing scream here)! So, I would have put these later in the post, but we all know how Blogger is about moving pics around. My two new favs for Halloween books. C's class read Frank and then played a relay race game where they put a monster that looked a little like Frank back together again.
At Ty's class party, they made bat finger puppets (thank you Family and then I read Big Pumpkin to them (the bat is the hero) while we waited for the glue to dry. It is my definite new Halloween favorite! Give it a read.
Ty's class Halloween party was a blast. We made spider cookies, heard the scary story with all the squishy, icky props (see above pic), made bat finger puppets, played Halloween bingo, and had a spooky good time!
I almost missed Ty's Halloween Parade! They changed the time this year. Since B track doesn't show up until 9:15 AM, I figured on about 10 before they did the parade. Luckily, I happened to check the school's 9:02 discover that the parade started at 9:15! We ran, from the street above the school (parking was fun), me dragging C and K and trying to pull my camera out and get it running the whole way. I literally walked in the gym and snapped this pic. We made it by the skin of our teeth! He's Ben 10...not my fav, but he's seven and it's what he wanted. He's cute, even when he wears commercially driven character wear!
C was Indiana Jones this year. I am not sure why he desired this so much. He has never seen the movies (are you kidding, I can't even watch most of them...5 words: ghosts, aliens, monkey brain soup). I think he likes the whip.
His class was so cute all dressed up!
We went to Gardner Village and did the Which Witch scavenger hunt. The boys loved it and had a great time running all over the place. If you complete the hunt, you get a cookie for 25 cents in the bakery...of course my kids don't want that cookie, they want the donuts with the Halloween sprinkles.
I had to throw this pic in. We went to a pumpkin patch for our nephew's birthday. In the middle of the corn maze, K decides she's not walking any more. This is her attempt to pout without laying on the dirt.
We made spooky ghost brownies for FHE. The night before I made brownies and then scooped the warm brownie goo into balls and froze them (thanks for the idea April!), then I let the kids spoon white chocolate over them and put the chocolate chip eyes on. Scary enough to eat!
T and I at our sweet neighbors 3rd annual Halloween Bash. T was a hunter and I was his hunting widow (lame, I know...what do you want?). We dressed up true to life this year.
More to come. The actual Halloween pics are on the good camera, and technically, I've never learned how to off load it. I just make T do it. Hope you had some happy haunting this year!


Jed and Leona said...

those ghosts brownies were absolutely delicious! thanks for making them!

Amy Jo Madsen said...

Sounds like you had a fun week! (And you're looking really thin, by the way!)

Crystal said...

Looks like you and your family had a lot of fun this holiday season. Those brownie ghosts are cute.
My four year old and I love that book, "Frank Was a Monster who wanted to Dance." I could probably quote the whole thing to you.
Oh, and orange rolls for Halloween? Nummy, I love those things and no it's not not lazy. I'm just crazy.