Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soccer Stars!

We've been running all over the valley for soccer this season with both boys playing. It hasn't been too bad with soccer stuff only three or four night a week, but I have no idea how people with three or four or five kids in soccer do it! Ty finally got the hang of it about half way through the season. He almost scored a few goals and loved playing goalie the most (probably because he didn't have to run as much). His team was called the Red Lasers!
C was on the Blue Jets (which was the Blue Dogs previously, until half way through the season). He scored his first goal and really likes soccer, though we think we might be better suited for football. He spent most of the games making "plans" with his teammates about how they would push down the other team and take the ball!
They both had so much fun! Can't wait until spring season starts!


Amy said...

Cute soccer pics! Dylan's team is the yellow dragons or snakes or stars depending on who they play, ha! Luckily we only have games and practice on saturdays, how'd you do it?

staceyk said...

woo hoo! cute pic I love them

The Collard Clan said...

We love soccor too! (But don't tell anyone - I was really gitty last night when I realized we didnt have soccor practice and the season was over....auh...lazy winters...that's why parents look forward to school and snow. jk)