Thursday, October 1, 2009

Diva Tantrum

Tonight K was hanging out with Dad while he was vacuuming out his truck and after a while she started getting into trouble, so T sent her inside. I was in the kitchen doing homework with the boys. She came in SCREAMING! She was furious that T made her come in. I'm surprised she didn't immediately come over to the table cry to me. Instead she flopped down in the entryway on the stairs and shrieked. Then she ran into the great room, flopped down onto the floor and shrieked some more. Then back to the stairs for more screaming. Ty and I were giving each other practice spelling tests, so I was only watching her out of the corner of my eye. I think she was frustrated that she was making all this fuss and no one was really paying attention. Finally, she literally head dives back into the carpet in the great room, grabs her quilt off the floor, and.....silence. Nothing. I got up from the table to check on her. Had she hit her head on the floor or choked on something? Nope. She was asleep. Completely passed out and snoring slightly. She's such a delicate little thing.


The Collard Clan said...

That is the best story I've heard in a while!! :-)'ve got to love little girls and all their drama, just wait, it gets more exciting/entertaining the older they get. :-)

Amy said...

I'm so glad this story didn't end with a split head! You have enough of those stories, ha! Gotta love a tantrum that wears you out!!