Friday, December 4, 2009

Pics at Star Mill

About a month ago we went to Star Mill (antique store/junkyard) with our cute neighbors and attempted to take some family pics. They got some really adorable pics because their boys actually tried to smile and didn't pout the whole time (I suspect they had naps that day). Our kids...not so much. Trent took something like 600 pics and our beautiful children were making faces and looking everywhere but at the camera in almost all of them. We've been waiting for some snow so we could go back and get some in their Christmas clothes, but so far Mother Nature wishes to be sunny, clear, and absolutely frigid. Christmas cards may be very late this year.

I'm glad someone in our family knows how to handle a camera! Good job Trent!

This last one is my favorite. They're all smiling! A Christmas miracle!


Allie said...

I get really bugged by your deliberate lack of pictures of YOU on your blog! THAT being said, your kids are darling and way too big. ;)

Aim Aug said...

Hey! I posted one of me at Halloween. I'm being better about it!

Rachel said...

I'm with your friend Allie...where are the pictures of you???? :)