Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day in the ER

Do you know how busy the ER gets on holidays? I do. Yep. I know, shocking, isn't it. A member of my family in the ER?! If you are at all surprised by this...you haven't talked to me in a LONG time. Keep in mind, this list doesn't include the thousands of near misses we've experienced. Let's reminisce, shall we?

1. A in ER in middle of night for infection after c-section with baby #1 (aka Ty).
2-4. T in ER for various construction related accidents (i.e. nail through thumb, nail through foot, nail through ear, etc.).
5. Ty in ER with RSV when he was two.
6. C and the papershredder (see previous posts, no one wants to rehash this one).
7. K with broken femur at 5 months.
8. K with broken nose at 9 months.
9. K with stitches in her eyebrow at 14 months (do we detect a pattern?).
10. T breaks ribs biking at Sundance.
And now, our latest addition:
11. C comes careening out onto my parents deck at breakneck speed and trips into the little kid table. He caught the corner of it right in the middle of his forehead. Luckily, no stitches this time. Just good old super glue and steri-strips.

I think I have figured out the problem. You see, I am a klutz, a big one. I married a daredevil; he'll try anything once. This means our children are fearless and clumsy, a dangerous combo to be sure. :)


Amy said...

Oh boy! Your family and the ER, oh the stories you have! Guess you'll just have to keep some extra superglue around for the next big fall! Hey why didn't we get a call if you guys were up in our neck of the woods? Consider yourself in trouble:)

Nicole said...

Oh poor thing!

Allie said...

Oh man...and I thought my mom had it bad with me! I'll just wish you luck with the rest of life and leave it at that...