Thursday, May 21, 2009

6th pic in 6th folder

Okay Roseanne, here you go. This is not exactly the most pleasant topic, so if your squeamish, read no further. My 6th pic file contains pics of C after he put his hand in a paper shredder. He was 18 months old, and nope, I'm not even close to kidding, A PAPER SHREDDER. It was horrible and traumatic, and he cried every time someone in scrubs came near him for the next year. Had I known it was possible to put him out while the doctor put over thirty stitches in his three tiny fingers, I would have. It took more than an hour with me and two other nurses holding him down. He had to have the mitt for about a week. C still pulls on his fingers every now and then and says they feel funny. His fingernails are damaged and he has some scars, but we were very lucky. His fingers are all there and they all work. Ahhhhh, memories..... So take the challenge! Look in your 6th folder and pull out the 6th picture and post it! See what you come up with!


Roseanne said...

OH man! I've heard that story before, but it just makes me sad to see him with that mit on. :(
P.S. Thanks, we love you guys too. Aww, big hug!

Kari said...

Love the pics! And love that you're my neighbor. You guys are awesome--thanks for being so welcoming. Hey--btw what's your email address? P.S. remind me to tell you something about Tuesday night!!