Friday, May 22, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Me

So, I've had about a dozen people ask me in the last little while what I am doing to lose weight, so here's the scoop:

I am doing HCg. I know, it totally sounds crazy, but it works. I've had two cousins do it (one is a nurse) and they look great. One wanted to lose about 30 lbs., the other about 20 lbs. I look better, but not great yet. To sum up, you give yourself injections everyday, eat very specific foods (only 500 calories a day, but a lot of food, veggies, lean protein, and good ole water), and lose on average a lb. a day.

When I first started, I was losing between 4-6 lbs. in a day, which is great motivation to not cheat. The down side is it can be really expensive, so shop around and find a DOCTOR who does it. I've seen some places that charge $1000 a round! My doctor was $495 the first round, and $100 off each additional round. The $ is also a motivation for me not to cheat (I don't can't afford to waste it).
It sounds scary, but as long as you don't cheat, it works; plus it really teaches you what you should and shouldn't be eating, and how your body works with food. I'm on my second round and I will definitely do one more. It's a hormone, so your body levels off and won't allow you to lose more than you should. A round lasts about 47 days and you have to take about a 4-6 week break inbetween so you don't become immune to the hormone.

I know, you're thinking you would starve to death on 500 calories a day, but it really is a lot of food and the hormone injections keep you from being hungry. I actually have to remind myself to eat, because if you don't get in your calories and water it doesn't work. The best part is you lose weight evenly all over your body, so no weird, uneven fat places, and you lose every day (as long as you don't cheat, have I said that enough times?). Since mid-January, I've lost 66 lbs. I'm hoping to hit 80 before my last injection in two weeks. You lose a little less each round, so I'm hoping I'll only do one more round, but we'll see.

It is not an easy fix. It is hard and temptation is all around, but it is working for me. You just have to be completely committed and ready to change. :) So drink lots of water and eat your veggies!


JaNae said...

Where's the before and after pics?!?! Go Aimee!!!

Allie said...

I want pics too!

adamnkara said...

Congrats!! That's awesome! I have a couple of friends who have taken HCG. They all have had success with it. I want to see pics. Oh, and I heard it makes you feel like your prego because of the hormone in it. Is that true??

Randi said...

Congratulations!! I know Jon's mom is doing the same thing and having fabulous results! Keep it up, all those calories are so not worth it when you think about it!! XOXO
Randi and Jon

Courtney Haynie Smith said...

I have totally noticed!!! You look SOOOO good!