Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday Bash at the Zoo

T's birthday was May 23, and since he is the most wonderful and spectacular husband and father around, the kids and I decided to take him to one of his favorite places. He loves to play with his camera, and what place is more perfect to shoot pics that the ZOO!
Remember this fountain? I think it was here when I was a kid!

The Elephant Encounter was our favorite!

The kids wanted to make a wish in the donation pond before the bird show. Of course, on the way back to our seats, K tripped and faceplanted into the concrete stairs. Blood everywhere and people freaking out and asking if we wanted a medic or a first aid kit. Nope, we came prepared, we do this ALL the time.

Strike a pose!
Happy birthday Dad!


staceyk said...

looks like you guys had fun!

Amy said...

Can you guys go anywhere without someone needing medical attention? Happy Birthday Trent, sorry we missed it. Let's get babysitters and meet for dinner sometime SOON!!!!! Let us know:)

adamnkara said...

Happy Birthday Trent!!!!!!
Sounds like you always need to be prepared!! lol! Max is totally working his way up to the clumsiness as well. Oh by the way could you give Stacey my e-mail, so she can send me an invite to her blog. (if she wants) I want to check her's out too. Thanks!!

Brent Augustus said...

Now THOSE are some cute kids!