Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do your kids do this?

Nope. This isn't an ad for hand lotion or sunscreen. It's the "extra" stuff I found in my shopping bags when I got home from the store today. K was "helping" and kept putting the little extra things by the checkout on the conveyor belt. I kept putting them back. Evidently, I missed a few of her surprises, which makes me mad because checkout boy saw me put the other things back. Thanks a bunch kid who probably isn't paid enough by the Walmart cooperation to care! At least I had actually paid for it this time. Last time we came home with something extra, we had to have the thievery talk with Ty and then return the items to the store. Fun! Anybody need some sanitizing hand lotion with cooling sensation?


Candee Robinson said...

At least you paid for them I remember having to take you back to the store once when you picked up a little something extra at the store. Its not fun having the shoplifting talk, but its always a good lesson if you make them take it back and least you never did it again.

AA said...

He He! The extra $15 that was added to your grand total wasn't a red flag? I guess if it was a walmart run, you most likely were already spending an insane amount of money anyway, so it probably didn't even make you think twice. Unless you were running in to get just milk, and who does that? -April