Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party and Parade (Scary Edition)

I got to help Cameron's teacher with their Halloween party this year! She always plans the best stations, each centered around a book. This year they played bingo, made shape monsters, drank witches brew (root beer with dry ice), and made monster pizzas.
Immediately after was the school Halloween Parade where I got to catch of glimpse of my cute little spooks.
Ninja Tyson
He's so quick, if you blink, you'll miss him!
Harry Potter, aka Cameron
(I know! He does look like a five year old version of Daniel Radcliffe, but cuter and minus the nasty bejasty Broadway show.)
Kaylee's party was immediately after the Halloween Parade. This is her twirling outside the school, because she loves her costume, but she won't look at the camera because she is mad that we are leaving without the boys.
After school, we cleaned out our pumpkins so we could carve them Saturday. Then ran to church to get ready for our ward Chili Cook Off, Primary Halloween games, and trunk or treat. It was a crazy day, but so fun. BOO!


Crystal said...

Your kids look awesome in their costumes!

adamnkara said...

Cute costumes. Looks like they had a fun filled Halloween. :)