Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ballet Bug

Kaylee started dance/tumbling in September. Miss B lets you do a trial day, just to make sure they like it. Kaylee spent the entire class with a huge smile and a look of pure rapture on her face. She loves it, with one catch. She loves the ballet, the tumbling, the structured dance, but this is a 3 year old class, so Miss B tosses in a few songs where the girls get to dress up or use props and free dance to the music. Fun, right? Wrong. Our little ballerina usually spends these songs clinging to either Miss B or me and in tears. She is embarrassed to dance around without reason.
Tippy toe turn! A few weeks ago, I took some video of her dancing in class on my phone. Suddenly, free dancing is acceptable, not to mention fun, as long as mom tapes her and she gets to see it afterward!
They have a big performance in the spring, but they got pictures taken today (by my amazingly talented old neighbor, click on her website to the right. Kari Hennefer Photography. I think she is still taking appointments for Christmas pictures), so they got to dress up in their ladybug costumes.
Don't wake the ladybug...she needs her beauty sleep!

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