Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Festivities

We had a jam packed Easter weekend this year. Saturday morning we went to our city egg hunt. I will post pics later. Saturday afternoon a friend reminded me that I actually had to boil and dye eggs that day. Oops! I bought the eggs and dye. I had planned to do it that morning, I just spaced it. So, Saturday night we went to town coloring eggs. K thinks Easter eggs are balls; she likes to thrown them. C really got into decorating this year. He likes to plop the eggs into the dye and splash it all over. Ty helped for a while, then lost interest and left Mom and Dad to finish up. Typical.
Easter morning the kids dug into their baskets, loving the candy the most, but the cheap-o kites were a definite favorite. And the "Fly Guy" books!
Ty was just glad the Easter Bunny gave in and finally brought him some Pokemon cards. We don't let them watch these cartoons, but the kids play with the cards at school during lunch.
K got a singing teapot and was "sharing" it with everyone.

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Macy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE K's dress! I've been eyeing it every week when I go shopping. It's so cute on I guess I'll just have to buy matching ones for the girls this week!