Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Defying Gravity and the Odds

I am completely "green" (ha, get it? Punny, eh) with envy in honor of Earth Day, of course. My sister won the lottery for fourth row Wicked seats yesterday. She was going to call me because she couldn't find her husband, and then he showed up (thanks a ton Mike!). I am not completely obsessed with Wicked, but close, and I would love to go to that show. Actually, I have sworn for the last 2-3 years that when it came I was going NO MATTER WHAT. But life happens and getting tickets didn't.
If you don't know what the lottery is: A day-of-performance ticket drawing for a limited number of seats is held daily. Each day, 2 hours prior to show time people who present themselves at the box office have their names placed in a drawing drum and then thirty minutes later, names are drawn for a limited number of seats at $25 each, cash only.
This is the second time Lis has won lottery tickets to Wicked (she got them before in San Fransico), but then she is also willing to go stand in line everyday with 400 other people. Hope you guys had fun! No Super Broadway Fan deserves it more than you!


Nicole said...

Lucky girl, that sounds fun.

Crystal said...

I spent a lot of money and saw Wicked two years agao on Broadway in NYC. It was totally worth it especially since the rest of trip was a disaster.
Anyway, since then my sister has really wanted to go. She wasn't able to get tickets in SLC so for her birthday she bought tickets in San Fransisco. The tickets are a lot cheaper there than here, so she put the extra money towards a plane ticket. And she got a great deal on plane tickets. You should do something like that. Maybe a girls weekend. Maybe I'll come too :)

Aim Aug said...

That would be fun!

Roseanne said...

Thanks for all your comments! I'm starting to think a c-section sounds pretty nice now.
I saw Wicked in NYC it was AWESOME! I would love to win tickets, but I'm not about to wait with a huge group to see if I win tickets everyday. What a dedicated friend you have!

Amy said...

Never been to Wicked, but know many who are obsessed. P.S. if you plan a girls weekend, you better be calling me:)