Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is my cutie niece, Miss Lucy. Love those tights. She loves to give the kids kisses (aka grabbing them by their cheeks and slobbering away). They love her kisses.Miss Kaylee was a purple princess, ala Rapunzel.

Cameron at the boy's school parade. His whole class had their arms folded. I think their teacher must have had a "come to Jesus" talk with them before they started the parade.

Tyson was all smiles.

Went to Gardner Village (it was packed!) with Grandma and Aunt Lissa and Lucy and Aunt Jen, who took lots of cute pictures of everyone. We love finding the witches hidden there every year.

Tron Guy Cameron, or as he calls himself: Sam Flynn!

After Tyson decided on being a Tron Guy for Halloween and Cam chimed in with the same thing, Tyson was a really great about having the same costume. He is such a good brother, and they have had a great time having light disc battles together.They had a great Halloween, lots of candy, excellent friends, and the weather was perfect for once!

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Candee Robinson said...

Glad I put pics up so you would have some to post....