Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coucilman Augustus

Trent is very civic minded. He has loved serving on our HOA board for the last three years. In college he served on the Utah Home Builders Asso. presidency, one year as treasurer, one as VP, and his last year as president. I guess I should have seen this coming.
While on the HOA board he spent a lot of time at city council meetings because our HOA is surrounded by the city golf course and our neighborhood gets a certain number or votes when issues surrounding the course came up.
A few months ago we found out that the only ones running for city council were people who lived outside of our neighborhood and who had made statements at council meetings that they would rather see the multi million dollar golf course go to weeds than spend another tax dollar on it. Yes, that would be great for property values in our neighborhood and our city....160+ acres of weeds. Good idea.
He waited until the day before the deadline and no one else (that he knew of) had signed up, so after many tears from me, he signed up to run for city council.
It soon became very clear where each of the 12 candidates stood. 3 people eventually had to drop out for various reasons, so the primary election came down to 9, 3 people who were running to serve in the city and protect our property values and increase commercial base, and 6 people who we found out later had met together, all running with the intent of getting rid of the golf course because they see it as a money pit.
By the time the first Meet the Candidates Night had rolled around, we'd been "visited" by two of the opposing candidates, who came over to scope Trent out. One of these individuals quickly identified himself as the ring leader for the other five. When he said jump, they asked how high. By the end this guy (who loves to tell others what a righteous priesthood holder he is) had pulled every dirty, nasty political trick ever invented. He told the only woman who made it through the Primary is would be better if her husband ran than her because he was a priesthood holder. He did the same thing two years ago to a women (who is a wonderful current member of the council) who isn't a member of the LDS church. Evidently, he disagrees with the Founding Fathers about whether we should had a religious test for our leaders.
After Trent made if through the Primary, this guy and his followers changed their tactics, flip flopping their positions on almost every issue because it was clearly hurting them in the polls. They lied, told half truths, and then accused Trent of having no integrity. Trent and two other candidates came into the election wanting to be fair minded, help to right the city's current economic woes concerning the golf course, and to serve our community. They meet together and made a promise that they wouldn't use negative campaigning and they would do what they could to help each other get on the council. By the day of the general election, it had become a 3 on 3 race. By the second Meet the Candidates, it had become obvious that the opposition hadn't really done their homework and didn't really have a plan at all. They distributed nasty flyers accusing Trent, G, and J of ridiculousness, while touting how much virtue and integrity they had. They ran an extremely negative campaign. Then some of Trent's supporters posted their own flyers and signs around the city that were negative toward the opposition. Trent, G, and J asked them to remove them, but they chose not to. It was all very nasty.
In the end, cooler heads prevailed. Amazingly, Trent, G, and J were all elected to the city council. We thought maybe two of them would get on and one of the opposition, but this was ideal! And the troublemaker got last in the polls. Couldn't have asked for a better result.
Immediately following the election results, the opposition demanded a recount, including do a CSI style investigation of their own of the ballot boxes and the counting rooms. Instead of removing their election signs, they posted over them, accusing the city of rigging the election. A few days ago the Lt. Governor's office rejected their request for a recount saying they hadn't even come close to proving impropriety.
This troublemaker will undoubtedly continue to be a huge thorn in the city's side. Five years ago, he and his puppets drove Smith's out of building a store here, and almost got Walmart to pull out too. They have cost the city thousands of dollars in various board of adjustment hearings and ridiculous initiatives. They push their agendas without considering the full consequences of their positions.
I am so proud of Trent, G, and J. They are fair minded, reasonable, and willing to work for the community, not for themselves. Trent will make a great councilman. He ran a positive and fair campaign. We are so appreciative of all those who supported him and helped us deliver flyers and post signs, and talked to their friends and neighbors about the issues. It's sad to see a negative few discourage others from participating in the city.
Our kids have had many great experiences learning about how our government works and why it is important to serve each other. They have learned about loving those who treat us badly. They really worked to help their dad in this election and have been his greatest supporters.
We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to Trent serving with the other councilmembers and the city staff, good people all. So blessed to live in a city with reasonable and honest people...for the most part.

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Melissa said...

So sorry you guys had to deal with all of that. I'm so glad the honest ones won. It seems like that doesn't happen very often in politics.