Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BearWorld & BYU-I

Chelsea (my cousin Tami's oldest daughter) came to visit for a few days on her way to her first semester at BYU-Idaho. Saturday the kids and I met Mom, Lis, Jen, and Chels at Gardner Village. The boys went home with Mom and the crew and K and I went home to meet T and work on the yard all weekend (which actually didn't happen, but I got the basement sorted!). First stop was the beautiful gardens at BYU-I, where the boys made friends with all the ladybugs. C is pointing to the one on Ty's nose.

Just chillin'.
Dad, C, Ty, Chels, and Mom. Good luck Chelsea! Have a great semester!
Ty convinced Chels to go on a few rides with them at Bear World. C said, "It was totally AWESOME!" He really used all caps and everything.
Nap time at Bear World.
My favorite pic from their adventure. They had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks guys!


staceyk said...

I love bear world! Im glad they had fun! did they get to feed the baby bears? I dont know if they are still doing that or not. That makes me wana go to yellowstone lol

Roseanne said...

I went to Ricks/BYU-I (I did a little of both) and I never went to Bear World. Looks like I'm missing out. I'll have to go there sometime. What a nice break for you :) C U tomorrow!

Amy said...

Bear world looks like a lot of fun! Maybe we'll have to take our monkeys up there one of these days!