Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least and blogging has been way down on the list of things to do. So, here are the top ten from the last month:
10-Ty finished his reading class and is on his way to being a super reader. He has been helping me out a lot lately by reading stories to K and C.
9-I pinched that ridiculous spot in my back (AGAIN!). It has taken about three weeks, one trip to the ER, T taking three days off work, and one really nice physical therapist neighbor (Thanks again Jeremy!), but I am finally starting to feel better. It probably wouldn't have taken this long, but you know me, I'm a klutz. I have fallen twice and re injured myself (once while battling weeds in the backyard, and once over my cute little neighbor (sorry Kira!)).
8-Speaking of the backyard, someday soon, we're getting grass....REALLY. Next weekend! Pray for nice weather!
7-T and the deacons have been all over the place: scout camp, bike rides, and even a few runs. T is loving it. He gets his runs and rides in and does YM all the the same time; what a multitasker!
6-Kids all got to do swim lessons this year. The boys loved it. K and I did a mom and tot class. It took almost the entire two weeks for her to get over her fear of the other parents and kids in the class.
5-We had some very good experiences teaching our kids about fasting and praying for others.
4-T and I spoke for the first time in about five years in Sacrament meeting. We did it with our usual flair. I rambled for way too long and the fire alarm went off about two minutes into T's talk!
3-C brought the total ER visits to 12 (or 13, I've lost count). Four stitches in his chin when he tried to get marshmallows out of the pantry. He didn't want to ask Mom because he knew what the answer would be.
2-Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House with the Robinsons and Hursts (see pic).
1-K is 2! Our baby is an official toddler. How did that happen so fast?!
It's nearly over....


mari_contrary said...

OK, Trent has got this calling thing down pat. Exercise with the YM and have one of them trip the fire alarm so you don't have to really speak in church but still get all the brownie points for trying. Love it. :)

I hope your back feels better soon!!


Roseanne said...

The fire alarm thing was awesome!!!! You guys both did a great job speaking in church too. I'll have to ask you about your back tonight. I didn't even know!

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about the ER visit. Fire alarm huh, that's a good trick I will have to try that one next time I'm asked to speak in church! Yeahhhh for grass!