Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not So Terrible Twos

I can't believe my baby girl is two years old! She has been a little firecracker from the very beginning. We can't believe how fast she has grown and how much she is learning every day.
She's big enough to know how to blow out her own candles!
K picked out this doll that crawls and giggles months ago. Saturday, T wrapped it and put it up on the mantle, and every time we walked by it, it would giggle despite the layers of paper around it. Each time it went off, K would get excited and say, "OOO, baby!" and point to the package. No fooling this little girl!
Tea time with Aunt L. K is thrilled to finally have some certifiable "girl toys" around here. For the last few days her favorite thing is to wrap up her new baby in her new blanket, put on her fancy smanchy shoes, and push the baby around in the stroller.
Has anyone discovered a way to keep these kids from growing up so fast?!? Anyone?


mari_contrary said...

She is DARLING - and still relatively scar free despite her attempts to be otherwise! Happy Birthday K!

On another note...we're going to be coming to town next month, probably the third and fourth weeks of Sept. I know school's in so it may be nuts, but do you wanna get together?

love, mary

Amy Jo Madsen said...

So cute--I can't believe she's 2! Did Macy make that dress? It's adorable.

Amy said...

Love the green dress! Is she really 2 already! Wow!!! Sooo cute!