Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catching up

I've haven't been great about blogging here's a whole lot of catch up from the last six months! There are four or five posts here, so scroll all the way down! In January, Cameron got to be the King Bee in Kindergarten. This means he was large and in charge for the whole week.
On his King Bee day, his class got to ask him questions, and he taught them how to build the best Lego ships.

We had 3rd Grade Math Night. All the 3rd graders got to play math oriented games. It was fun, but wish they had involved the whole family, not just Tyson. Check out that arm! BYU quarterback? Just sayin'.

Saint Valentine's Day Lovefest!

Kaylee's preschool trip to the aquarium was a hopping good time!

Aimee got to go and help chaperon 5 little girls. Kaylee and her friend from dance, Kailey, were golden, another girl was the snottiest little thing I've ever met, and the other two were wanderers. They sure kept me on my toes! Kay's favorite part was the new penguin exhibit.

The Bean Museum Reptile Show with neighborhood friends!

Dyeing Easter eggs!

Pinewood Derby 2011! Cars made by Tyson, Cameron, and Dad all had respectable showings, but the car made by Mom and the Primary Presidency (okay, Trent made this one too) dominated the field! Our sweet friends, the Martin kids, each entered a car and they wiped everyone else off the map! Next year, they are going to have to teach the rest of the ward their derby car secrets.

Cuddling up with Dad and cousin Lucy!

Kay's big dance recital! Weird to see make up on your three year old. She was excellent! Not a drop of stage fright, and all her grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins came to support her.

The boys got her flowers!

In February, Kaylee cut her own hair! And Barbie's hair. Mom took her to have it evened out into a cute A line. Then she cut that too. Then Aunt Lissa had to even that out into a bob. And Kaylee had to throw her favorite pink craft scissors in the garbage.

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The Collard Clan said...

I'm still waiting for the day when my kids discover they can cut their own hair -- and when that day comes all scissors will be in the trash :-)