Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fancy Foot Work

Kaylee had her first dance recital back in December.It was kind of an in-class practice recital for their big production in May. Besides being the youngest in her class, she is also the smallest, but she holds her own!
She loves all the ballet and tumbling, and is so good at paying attention to Miss B.
The double chin comes out when she really, really happy!

Daddy, Grandma Candee, and Aunt Jen came with Mom, so she was totally showing off her skills.
We couldn't be prouder of our little ladybug!


David , Stephanie and Dexter Collard said...

Soo dang cute! Love the costumes and the snazzy moves! She is doing a ughaloor(this is the verification word) job. Lol!

Nicole said...

Oh so cute!

The Collard Clan said...

Soo cute...this almost makes me want to put my girls back in dance. :-)
ps. I heard you were going to Vietnam??? Are you CRAZY!! jk :-)

The Collard Clan said...

Darrin just correct me that it was BRENT not TRENT whose thinking of going to Vietnam....My bad, carry on like normal, forget I even said anything and remember, I babble a lot of crazy nonsense. ;-)

Amy said...

CUTE!!!!! I need to get me one of those hats:)