Monday, July 26, 2010

Say What?

Saturday we were running errands and Cameron begins a very serious discourse on why Batman is NOT a superhero.
"Batman is a guy who battles villains and bad people, he's NOT a superhero."
Last week, for a treat, I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast after swimming lessons. In the drive through Tyson is trying to decide what he wants, but just can't remember what it's called. I guess we don't go to McDonald's often enough (read that in the sarcastic tone it is intended to be read in. I don't like fast food).
"Mom, I want those things that know....the things that are shaped like a trapezoid that's cut in half with the end rounded over. Like a cone with a circle on the end that's squashed flat. Those things."
Oh, of course. Hash browns.
Kay's new favorite game is to sit on your lap, with your cheeks in her hands, saying, "I love you."
Of course, you would respond with, "I love you!"
To which she yells, "No, I love you!"
Can you see where this is going?
She loves to go back and forth with "I love yous," escalating until she is literally shrieking it at the top of her lungs.
What a quiet, sweet thing she is.


Mike & Melissa said...

How did you get hashbrowns out of that?! Guess I'll have to brush up on my "Tyson-Speech."

Also, I don't understand how Batman isn't a superhero if he fights bad guys? What does that make him? (Mike can tell you a whole story on how Batman is a vigilante and stuff, but I didn't think Cameron understood it?!)

And Kaylee had better play that game with me!

Aim Aug said...

I don't get it either. It's just what they said.

Amy said...

Doesn't Batman wear a cape? I think that makes him a superhero by definition, ha! I won't argue a 5 yr old though, they of course know EVERYTHING... or at least our 5yr old thinks he knows EVERYTHING:) I wish my kids didn't know the names of food they like at McDonalds, they of course somehow know what toys are currently there and always sucker me into happy meals because of it!!

mari_contrary said...

hahaha, I love this. Paul was reading over my shoulder and is SEVERELY offended with the whole batman thing. Maybe Cam needs to come down and visit so Paul can indoctrinate him? :)