Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mad for Mother's Day

I was in a terrible mood all weekend. I want to preface this by saying I have a bad attitude when it comes to Mother's Day. I love celebrating it for my mom and Trent's, but I am not a fan. I figure we will celebrate it for me when my kids are grown up. For now we spend it driving everywhere visiting our fantastic moms and they are totally worth it!
Saturday we had Cam and Tys' soccer games at the same time (for the third time this season), so I didn't get to see Tys' game. After our game, Kay, Cam, and I ran to the store for milk and bread and antihistamine (which I'll get back to in a minute). We had just walked in when we ran into the other half of our family. Trent and Tyson slinking around the back of the store, looking like I caught them with their hands in the cookie jar. I know exactly what they are up to.
Suddenly, all three kids have to visit the restroom, so I give Trent an opportunity to finish whatever he is up to by telling him to take the kids to the bathroom and I will finish shopping. I figured they would be gone at least twenty minutes with the bathroom and the "sneaking."
Nope. They were back in five. I started to get mad. Bad enough he waits until the last possible minute to shop for Mother's Day (I always get our mom's gifts for him), but now he's not going to get me anything?! Not that I need would just be nice....
We leave the store and I am positively wallowing. Plus, I forgot the antihistamine! We spend the rest of the day trying to finish moving the trees (again, I'll get to this in a minute), and then we have to run the digger back to the tool rental place before five. We pack the kids into the truck and head to Orem. We are all filthy from weeding and digging. We had borrowed Trent's dad's truck because it can handle the heavy machinery trailer better than Trent's truck, so we had to go swap trucks in Provo too. After visiting with the in-laws for a bit, we had to go shopping for some slacks for Trent's latest business trip. We spent all night looking for stuff for everyone else, and by the time we left the store I was on the verge of tears wondering if they even remembered that tomorrow was Mother's Day.
On the way home, the kids were starving, so we started to stop at Wendy's, but Trent kept pushing me to pick some place else, even though it was 8 on a Saturday night, we were dirty, the kids were starving and tired, and I was stinking deeper into my wallow. We finally settled on Mexican.
Sunday morning I am the first one up (typical, no breakfast in bed for this chic). I hadn't been able to finish some of my Primary stuff for the day because I couldn't get a hold of some people. I HAD to get to Church early so I could get stuff done! Of course, my kids are dragging. Finally, I leave without them, without breakfast, running late, and my feet are killing me. By the end of Church (which was great! The kids sang so cute in Sacrament Meeting and the bookmarks we made for the Primary kids to give the moms were adorable), I just wanted to go back to bed. My toes were on fire, I was tired and frustrated.
Trent took the kids upstairs to change their clothes and I got started on lunch and the stuff we were taking to dinner. I could hear them running around upstairs and I figured Trent was trying to redeem himself, but I was still stewing.
Then Cameron comes downstairs and asks if I will cut out a heart for him. He is grinning from ear to ear. Trent comes downstairs and asks if I can stop being mad long enough to come sit on the couch. Cam gave me his cute card. He was positively giddy that I had cut it out but he didn't tell me what it was for. So clever! They gave me beautiful tulips and a card and....and iPod Touch!!! Yay! I love it. The kids love it too....they want to watch movies on it and play the lightsaber game. All is quickly forgiven. I realize what an impatient, selfish pill I've been! OF COURSE THEY LOVE ME?! Duh, I know this. We spent the rest of the day with our beautiful Moms. Loved it!
As to my gorgeous toes. Evidently, I am really allergic to something in our dirt. We found out last week that the landscaper who did the yards on both sides of our backyard didn't survey the lots. So he missed the property lines by several feet...on both sides. Which means our yard just got about five feet skinnier and we had to move trees we planted last year. Normally, Trent would try and find someone else to help him because of my back, but everyone cancelled at the last minute, and he couldn't find any non-busy friends on a Friday night. Funny how the Spirit works. Our WONDERFUL neighbor Travis came wandering over and asked if we needed help! Love this man. I owe him brownies, lots and lots of brownies...maybe a whole cake.
I've been digging around the backyard weeding for weeks, but for some reason, stomping up and down on freshly moved trees in flip flops triggered what I thought was a sunburn...until the blisters and sores popped out all over my toes. I would post a picture, but feet are ugly enough on their own without the red rash and puss-filled blisters. Seriously, gross. Plus, I've had to wear flip flops all weekend (including Church) because shoes hurt, so everyone gets a good look at the hideousness that are my feet. Nice.


Rileys said...

Dont you hate expectations? I (for a long time)felt that I should be pampered and given glorious gifts, and time to rest, get pedicures, bubble baths, massages and such. I deserve it! I work all day every day and 1 day a year I expect to be spoiled and pampered.
And then medical school happened. This year we were broke. My husband and kids made me cards, husband made me a great dinner and we just relaxed and hung out with each other all day. It really was a great day.
These last few years have been so good for me to learn to not expect things. Like the valentines day I stewed while doing dishes after cooking a fabulous dinner, or the other three mothers days that my husband was at school studying for finals. So hard to not take it personally!
But, I am so glad your day turned out perfect. Oh, I also got an I.O.U for a gift in the future!

Crystal said...

Woah! What a weekend.
And Mother's Day? I abhor it. I feel like I just have a bad attitude and it's nice to know you feel the same way.
I have lots of women in my life who either never married or cannot have children and they don't like Mother's Day. And I kind of feel like a brat for saying it, but Mother's Day isn't really that great for mothers. It kind of just adds 'insult to injury.'
I told my sister we should go out of town for Mother's Day and at first she thought it was weird. But then she realized it was a good idea and after Mother's Day this year she for sure wants to go out of town next year. You should come too. A girlfriend getaway. Seriously! I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day than with a break and then our husbands won't be overwhelmed by expectations.

Roseanne said...

Oh sad! I feel so bad for you! We'll Trent got the kids to church looking good! We were out there waiting with him during the sacrament. I hope your feet are getting better now. So sorry!
Happy Mothers Day!

Aim Aug said...

Roseanne: He did get them to church looking good...except for Kay's shoes. He doesn't get the concept of "church approprate." Purple crocs on my two year doesn't fall into that category for me, but he tried. He is such a sweetie. Hope you had a good first Mother's Day!

Stephens Family said...

Do you ever watch "The Middle" show on TV? (Love it!) Last week's episode was about how mothers would really prefer being alone on Mothers Day, doing whatever they want. The show said, "Mother's Day is for THEM - but the day after Mother's Day is for ME!" I guess we all kind of feel that way sometimes!

Amy said...

I need a nap after reading that! You guys are wayyyyy to busy for me:) I'm glad your Mother's day turned out good. Matt came clean the day before Mother's Day and told me he hadn't gotten me anything because I'm pregnant and that makes it to difficult to buy for me, nice eh? So he said he would take me shopping for sandals? Whatever. Apparently I need to have him talk to Trent about Mother's Day gifts since it would appear that your husband is much better at it than mine, ha!