Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patrick's, Pinewood, and Pictures

Take a deep breath. It's going to be a long one folks. My favorite holiday! Yes, Lucky the Leprechaun visited. He drank our milk and used our toilets, dyed our dinner green, he literary threw gold coins all over our yard (for more on this, talk to Mom and Lis...they saw him!). We woke up to this note, lots of chocolate gold, candy, and books! We LIKE this leprechaun.
We did our first Pinewood Derby! Tyson and Trent were psyched! They researched car designs on the web for the shape. Tyson wanted it to look like Upgrade (for all you Ben 10 fans out there). Trent cut it out, but I made him let Tyson do all the sanding. Tys really did help with every part of his car, except for when Trent decided late the night before that they needed a smoother top coat of varnish. I found him in the garage, eyes watering from the fumes, spraying nearly an entire can of clear coat on the thing. We had various discussions on why derbys are about learning woodworking skills and having fun with Dad and NOT about winning. Evidently, many men in our ward feel this is up for debate. I am over cub scouts for our Primary, so I made really cute certificates for all the boys with a fun award for each of their designs. Tyson got the "Best Ben 10 Alien Annihilator." It took the Primary President and I three hours to come up with 13 awards....

Okay, Aim. Why the feet pic? Well, ROSEANNE (insert growl here) tagged me. And we all know Aimee feels guilty if she doesn't do this stuff, so send it her way. I love you, so I'll do it. The point is, if you are tagged, no cleaning up or whatever, just go take a picture of that room or person, or thing..... Snapshot of your life.
#1 Favorite shoes. Their comfy and easy.
#2 Kitchen Sink. No my back splash is not grouted yet. But he did buy the grout. The thing about being married to a contractor...everyone's projects take priority over yours. It stinks, but it pays the bills.
#3 Favorite Room. This isn't really my favorite room, but it's my favorite spot. I love to sit in our loft and read in my chair. Love it! Someday, Trent will build a desk and some huge bookcases to house my out of control book fetish, and then this will be my favorite room.
#4a What are the kids doing right now? My favorite part of this is that she has taken off her pj pants after we have tucked her in and replaced them with a princess skirt.
#4b See the ratty old blanket he's snuggling with. He's had it since the day he was born and it's falling to pieces, but if you even suggest putting it up, he gets teary. I love My Sweet Boy.
#4c Cam has his falling to piece baby blanket too. They're so sweet asleep. And so quiet.....
#5 Self Portrait. This is me scowling because we all know how Aimee feels about pictures of herself. I must really love you Roseanne.....
#6 Your bathroom. I know...white walls...ugh. Someday (you hear that word a lot around here), I'll paint....Well, no. I'll pick a color and Mr. Perfectionist Painter will paint.
#7 Your closet. Insert evil laugh here! Thank you Ikea. The reason the middle door is missing....Ikea is cheap. Trent had to glue one of the panels back together because the glass is too heavy for the frames. It's down in the garage waiting to be brought back home.
#8 The refrigerator. Yes, we do need that much honey butter. Yes, we do go through a lot of apples. Yes, Kaylee would starve without all that yogurt. No, the margarita mix is not because we are drinkers. Trent is a big fan of smoothies.
#9 Laundry Room. I know my machines don't match. Our washing machine died a year ago, but why replace the dryer when it works just fine? I love my counter. Usually, it would be covered in folded clothes, but I was dog sick yesterday, so nothing got done.
So tag! Your it! Now you do it. Go take a few pics and post.
1. April
2. Kari
3. Amber
4. Courtney
5. Kellie
6. Melissa
Even if I didn't list you, you should go do it anyway. Because you LOVE me! This means you Emily, Leona, Stacey, Macy, Jen, Mom, Mary....I could go on and on.


The Collard Clan said...

Your house is always so beautiful -- I love it, love it, love it! And you kiddos are adorable - next time I see them I might have to play 'crazy lady' and pinch all of their cheeks! What a fun post to see everything. :-)

Roseanne said...

Thanks for doing it Aimee! I love you too!!!!! Your house is spotless! You had nothing to worry about!

Aim Aug said...

No, those specific areas of my house happened to be somewhat clean....there is a definite reason I didn't pick my bedroom as my fav room......

staceyk said...

Amiee I dont like feet Infact I hate them but Im not gona lie you have cute little feet! I think Iv only have said baby feet are cute but no you have cute feet. just dont rub them on me k;)

Stephens Family said...

Okay, now I just need pics of EVERY room in your house - I still haven't seen it in person yet! But I drool seeing these pics! You guys are an amazing "construction and decorating" pair!!