Friday, February 27, 2009

Newest Daredevil Trick

So, we've decided this is her evil laugh face. She throws her head back and gives a good little shriek! It's like she thinking, "Hey, I wonder how high I could climb up in here?" Yes,we knew she could climb onto just about anything, but getting the door open on her own is a new talent I was personally hoping to discourage for awhile.
I also enjoying having to sweep cereal and cracker crumbs
out of the pantry several times a day (can you tell I'm being sarcastic!?).

"Banana? Why would I want a banana? I can get disgusting, sugary cereal all by myself, anytime I feel like it! I know, I know...I'm awesome!"
Also, please note: This is the infamous pantry which T put off finishing for nearly a year if you count construction and after we moved in. Note the beautiful paint job and the perfectly sanded shelves. Totally worth waiting for!

Ish! Ish! Ish!

We went to the Living Planet Aquarium with C's class last week. We love this place and go all the time. It is just plain fun and the season passes are not too expensive. C and his best buddie J chillin' on the board walk.
The whole class loved this boat exhibit depicting the Great Salt Lake. Can't you just smell the brine shrimp and sea gulls?
C would put his hands in the water and ask why the ray wasn't coming, but when it did come by, he took his hands out. He only wanted to touch it in theory.
C, J, and K making silly faces by the "Nemo" tank.

K's newest word (sort of): "Ish, ish, ish!" Very exciting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday C!

Last night we went out to Texasroad House for Mom's birthday (she's 21...again!). We haven't all gone out together in awhile, so this was a blast. K tried repeatedly to eat the discarded peanuts shells off the floor (how is this not a health code violation?). C ordered steak...and ate it! And Ty...well, he cracks us up! Being seven, he has to order for himself (not an easy feat in a very loud, very crowded restaurant). He specifically asked the waitress for macaroni and cheese with pepper. When she tried to explain that the pepper was on the table, he interrupted her and said very matter-of-factly, "Two shakes should do it." I thought the waitress was going to wet herself. Picky eater, yes. Slightly OCD? Maybe. But we love him! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. So, did you know that at Texasroad House they make you sit on a saddle while they announce to everyone that it is your birthday and how old you are (humiliations galore, eh)? Mom refused to sit in the saddle (can you blame her?) or tell her age, but C and K were game. K however did not like the announcement, "Hey there! It's her birthday and she's turning 21.....again!" It was a great night. The only damper on the evening was that J left Mom's card (with a gift certificate to her favorite nail place inside) on the table. When she went back to try and find it, the busboy said that some lady had claimed it already. The nerve of some people; I'd like to tattoo THIEF across her forehead. All I can say is KARMA.... Lady, sooner or later that gift certificate is going to come back and bite you in the....well, you get the idea. Happy Birthday Mom!