Saturday, January 17, 2009

End of the Year Update

The end of the year is always kind of a blur for us. We had Ty's birthday, Grandpa J's birthday, B's birthday, Thanksgiving, M's birthday, Christmas (and all that it entails), New Year's, Grandpa R's birthday, C's birthday, and our other M's birthday. Add in all the neighborhood, family, and work parties and we are just about worn out from November to January. Plus, T has been working on several side projects over the holidays. So finally, I am getting around to updating. We had a wonderful time with our families. We got to hang out and do nothing (or close to it) for a few days, see Temple Square, and be together. C's circus birthday was a blast. Decorating ice cream cones like circus clowns and face painting went over really big! We can't believe our baby boy is having another birthday!

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Amy said...

Dylan had so much fun at Cameron's birthday. All he could talk about was the snake on his face. I'm still hoping he will faze out of snakes sometime soon, keep your fingers crossed! Thanks again for having us down we had a great time!