Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just call her Klutzy K!

How do you spell kama kazi? I spell it just plain K. So on Thursday, I am playing with C and B (the neighbor girl we love to have come over!) and K bounces off the couch and into the coffee table. I knew it was bad when I heard it. Remember, head wounds bleed. A lot. I am trying not to panic and think of how I can get K to the ER with C and B when I can't move my hand off her eyebrow and I am one carseat short. Luckily, my sweet and wonderful, brand new neighbor, CJ, came to the rescue, and K stopped bleeding enough to put her in the carseat. Seven stitches later, she is ready to go again! It barely phased her. She is still climbing on everything. This morning, I heard her calling from the boy's room and went in to find her up on top of the bunk beds! So, if you are keeping count: at 5 months, a broken femur; at 9 months, a broken nose; and at 15 months, her first head wound. I can only hope it will be her last.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Happy Halloween! We had a great time with our little magician, knight, and fairy princess.

Ty has been practicing the magic tricks that Grandpa R and Daddy taught him. He even did the ole' "quarter in the ear" trick for his class at school.

C had serious reservations about wearing a cape (you know what happens to superheroes who wear capes in "The Incredibles."), but after Grandma C made it, and T....and Mom....and K....and, yes, even Daddy, wore it and showed him how cool it was; well, now he wants to wear it all the time.

K is obsessed with tutus. How did we get such a girly girl? She loves hair bands and bracelets and clothes and...tutus. Grandma C bought her this adorable black and orange one to wear just for fun before Halloween. She brings it to T or me and throws it at us until we put it on her. Who knew one-year-olds could have such opinions on their wardrobes?

Anyway, the kids came back with quite the load of candy (it will take months to go through, seriously). We had lots of fun with our friends and neighbors. Hope you did too!

So, here is the scariest part of our Halloween. On Thursday, T takes his truck in to have the brakes checked. They work on it for a bit and then tell him he is ready to go, so he hops in and starts to head down State Street. As he is making a right onto 800 North, the back left tire falls off, gets caught in the wheel well, then the truck goes up and over the tire, crushing the back fender. T (who was wondering what in the world was happening) looked up just in time to see the wheel rolling out into the intersection. The guy who worked on the brakes forgot to tighten down the lugs with the impact gun. Oh, also, the crash caused the right side back tire to break off all but two of its lug nuts. He had to leave his truck in the intersection and run back to the shop for help! Needless to say, T did not come home happy. The shop is going to fix it, of course, and do the brakes for free, considering everything. Oh, and our washing machine broke (seriously, when it rains, it pours).