Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tyson Meets the Tooth Fairy!

Tyson has inherited my slow teeth. All through kindergarten, first grade, and second, poor Tyson stood by and watched his friends loose tooth after tooth, while his beautiful smile remained sadly intact. About three months ago, he discovered his first wiggly tooth! He wiggled and pulled and jiggled, but that stubborn thing would not come out. His permanent tooth was coming up behind, but that baby would not leave! So after a visit to the dentist on June 7th to have his tooth forcible evicted, the Tooth Fairy finally made her first appearance at our house.Like the form letter he wrote for her? My favorite line is "please report back. But can I have the money?" The Tooth Fairy has a special little jar and bag in which she leaves the tooth and the money. Tyson was so excited the next morning when he opened the bag, he took scissors to the ribbon that held it closed (see the leftover scraps?). Perhaps next time she can bring us a new bag.
Tyson loves the dentist. We go to a really good office. One of the dentists shares my dad's name. The whole thing, just different spellings. Tyson actually gets excited when we have our cleaning appointments; he asks when we will be going next! I believe this is mostly due to the toy chest in their office.
I had them do a full set of x-rays on him, just to make sure that he actually had permanent teeth under his babies (I am missing two, so I still have two baby teeth on the bottom). Luckily, his are all there, but they are huge. I see an orthodontist in our future....