Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally...House Pics

I've been telling my cousin in Alabama for months that I would post some pics of our new house. Finally, I remembered to take some! Sorry it took so long Tami! So this is K's room, C and Ty's room, the kids bath, the entry, and our kitchen/great room. T did all of the moldings and casings and beams and mantels and even the curved rail on the stairs. I call him my wood wizard. I ask for crown molding, he does it! Magical! I'll post some of the pirate playroom and the basement when they don't actually look like a toy bomb went off. We are loving the new house. It's a little bigger and has a much bigger yard (which is full of mountain concrete. While the rest of the state complains about having clay soil, we complain about having rocks with a tiny bit of dirt in between), which we will finish when the snow melts. We are still in the same ward and have great neighbors and new people are filling in the empty houses and lots all the time. The market really is starting to come back!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

T's Big Booboo!

So last Saturday, T went biking up at Sundance with our neighbors. On the last run of the day, after valiantly staying up on his bike the entire time, T hits a rock and flies over the handle bars (with his feet still in the stirups, no less) right underneath the chair lift. Everyone got a good view of his biff and said it was spectacular! Thank Heaven for bike helmets. That night I come home from Women's Conference to find him in the same position on the couch that I left him in, and, of course, the kids are running wild without dinner or bed. He can barely breath, so I make him go down to the emergency room. Gratefully, nothing broken, but from his hip to his arm pit is one giant bruise, and he has been loopy on painkillers all week. I'd post a pic, but it is TOO gross. Image a giant blood blister down your side with lots of green and black bruises around it. Pretty, eh. Needless to say, thanks Eric for picking him up from the emergency room so late at night, but T can't play with you any more unless you promise to bring him home in one piece!