Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yeah School!

After two years of C asking why Ty could go to school, but not him, C started school at the LRSH! He was terrified the first day and kept telling me he didn't really need to go to school, but now he loves it. He asks every morning if it is a preschool day. He loves Sister R and thinks it is so neat that he can see her at church too.

Ty is starting to settle into first grade. He is really starting to like his teacher and is getting used to the all day schedule. He did great on his spelling test last Friday too.

K is offically walking! I know, I know! How can she be that old? But she has been toddling all over the place for about two weeks now. She claps for herself after she falls down. Ty and C are her personal walking coaches. They love having her walk between the two of them.